5 reasons why Jenks is the right team to face Bixby

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Coming into the Class 6A I state title game, the Bixby Spartans are the clear favorite to win their fifth state title in a row, second in 6AI. But if there was a team capable of stopping Bixby, it’s Jenks.

Here are 5 reasons why the Trojans could be the team to stop Bixby

5 – History. These two teams have it. Despite Jenks holding an overwhelming advantage in head-to-head matchups, the Spartans have been able to erase some of that from their memories. Last season Jenks ended Bixby’s winning streak, but the Spartans returned the favor in the playoffs. If history is on the side of Jenks, they will find a way to win and not drop two to the Spartans in the same season.

4 – Hudson Ball. The DE is playing like a man amongst boys. Bixby will certainly depend on their quality offensive line to slow Ball down, but if the last few games are any indication, Ball will have a big game and likely make a momentum changing play that could be the difference.

3 – Jones & Jones. The tandem of Owen Jones and KD Jones has done nothing but improve throughout the season. KD Jones is a game-changing running back who, like his father, has the ability to make big plays. Owen Jones has improved at QB and is more accurate today than he was at the start of the season. These two must lead the Trojans and find a way to pick everyone up in the face of adversity. That’s what leaders do.

2 – Coaching. While I think both of these staffs are equally great, the Jenks staff has to feel like the underdog and that’s something they can use leading up to the game. The pressure is really on Bixby. The play calling is in the spotlight for Jenks on both sides of the ball.

1 – Unflinching. Unlike other teams in 6AI, Jenks is not in awe of Bixby. The Spartans have made it clear to Owasso, Union, and others that they are the top dog. Jenks on the other hand, refuses to flinch. In fact, talking to the players, this is the only team they wanted to face in the finals. The Bixby players know Jenks is down for a hard-fought game. Both of these teams are ready for a dog fight.

How will it end? I’ve been asked that question a dozen times since Jenks beat Union to advance. Here is what I know. Bixby is the favorite and rightfully so. Jenks will need a near perfect game to beat them. Not impossible, but certainly difficult. If the Trojans are hanging around near the end, look for Bixby to tighten up and for Jenks to find a way.

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