“In their own words…” – What did these players have to say after Round 3 of Playoffs?

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Muskogee over Deer Creek, 36-35

Muskogee’s Jamarian Ficklin – “It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish!”

Muskogee’s Ondraye Beasley – “When you want something so badly, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it!”

Deer Creek’s Colton Neal – “That game was by far my favorite game I’ve ever played. The stakes were high for both teams and it brought out the best player in everyone. The whole team played their hearts out and absolutely left everything out on the field. Although we lost the game, we didn’t lose who we truly are as a team.”

Deer Creek’s Grady Adamson – “It was one of the most fun and physical games I’ve ever played in, It really brought out our best and challenged us to fight for every play. Although we didn’t come out on top, it shows us how much the little things matter and to enjoy every last second with the guys beside you.”

Deer Creek’s Mason Smith – “The game was full of ups and downs as we knew it would be. The defense came up with some clutch stops towards the end and gave us the opportunity to go down and score. Unfortunately, football is a game of inches. We didn’t quite get the job done, but loved every minute playing with my teammates this season!”

Deer Creek’s Brady Brewer – “The game was a battle every second and every play. It was one of the most intense games I’ve played in. We didn’t come out on the winning side, but always glad to go out there and fight with my brothers.”

Deer Creek’s Kevin Shenje – “It was like a real heavyweight fight for both teams. Unfortunately, they got the better end result. Although, I will say it was quite the blessing to be apart of Deer Creeks culture. Also to be able to say I got to fight with my brothers is a feeling I will definitely cherish forever.”

Heritage Hall over Marlow, 31-29

Marlow’s Cade Gilbert – “It was a great game and a great atmosphere. It’s unfortunate that only one team ends the season the way they want. However, I think we made a statement and showed an example for the Marlow teams to come!”

Heritage Hall’s Ben Showalter – “It was a good hard fought, physical game that we were thankful to come out on top of. As a team, we are ready to have a great week of preparation and bring home the gold ball!”

Heritage Hall’s Andy Bass – “Loved the way everyone stepped up and made plays. Even when we were down, the composure and confidence the team had is hard to find, especially at the high school level. It was really all about trusting each other and the coaches. We’ve got a lot of good momentum going into the state championship.”

Jenks over Union, 33-27

Jenks’ Khy Beaty – “Through the entire game, I made sure no moment brought me too high or too low. Not them making big plays, or us making big plays. Not them having the lead, or us having it. Making sure I had an unbreakable focus was important for me to do my best in that game.”

Jenks’ Ilias Cooper – “As one of the veterans on the defense, I know in my time here we’ve been in a lot of moments where the score seemed too far to comeback. So when we went down 21-0, I was preaching to my teammates we’re still in this and we need to stay together. Once we settled down, we started playing Jenks defense and you see the result.”

Jenks’ Jett Calmus – Throughout the game, I never lost confidence in our team. I knew we just had to make adjustments and do our jobs, even when we were down 21. We never gave up and never stopped playing as a team. As a member of the defense, we all came out ready to go at halftime. After not playing the best, we played up to our potential, which got us the win.”

Stillwater over Choctaw, 33-29

Stillwater’s Talon Kendrick – “We knew it was going to be a back and forth, four quarter game. When we were down by two scores in the forth quarter, nobody panicked, we stayed calm focused. We fought and found a way to win the game.”

Stillwater’s Tan Booth Jr. – I told my teammates it was going to take everything they had, and all 48 minutes. I’m proud of everyone for overcoming any adversity we faced! We just have to stay focused and finish the season strong!”

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