Ask the Editor: We’re Talking Basketball!

Last Updated: December 9, 20231.6 min read

We have a two-part question this week and it comes from J.J. in Tulsa.

Q1 – Who is the best high school basketball player you watched in person?

Q2 – Who is the best high school basketball player to ever play in Oklahoma?

Roscoe Migliore – Mark Price / Richard Dumas

I saw Mark Price score 40 points on Jenks’ Steve Hale in a 6A semi-final game at the Mabee Center. Hale went on to start at North Carolina. Years later in an article in Sports Illustrated Michael Jordan, yes, THAT Michael Jordan, said that Steve Hale was one of the greatest defenders he ever played against and that competing against him every day in practice was a daily challenge.

I saw Richard Dumas play at Booker T Washington. Charles Barkley was his teammate at Phoenix and said Dumas was one of the most talented players he ever saw in the NBA.

Brad Heath – Blake Griffin / Mark Price

Watching Blake Griffin play in high school was like watching an NBA All-Star take on a recreation league team with no one over 6-foot. He was as dominant as I can remember. I’ve heard the stories of Mark Price, Wayman Tisdale, Alvan Adams, Bryant Reeves, but never witnessed their greatness in person. I can say Trae Young, Rotnei Clarke, Ryan Humphrey, Caleb Green, and Kelenna Azubuike would all make my list of top players I have seen play in Oklahoma as prep players.

Who is the best? Trae Young is still making his case, but I don’t know how you don’t say Mark Price, Blake Griffin, or Wayman Tisdale. Any one of those three could be at the top of the list and I would be fine. So many great players like John Starks, Marques Haynes, Anthony Bowie, Lee Mayberry, Stacey King, Richard Dumas, Shea Seals, Xavier Henry, could be in the conversation. and the list goes on.

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