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Hugo Buffaloes vs. Antlers Bearcats

Hugo got the unexpected victory over Antlers this week, 20-14.

Payton’s Take: I was unprepared for this win. Just from season records alone, I expected the Bearcats to secure a handled win this week over Hugo. Boy, was I wrong. Hugo came out with a fire I haven’t seen from them all season and it showed on the field. Color me surprised, the Buffs impressed me this week and I will be expecting more from them the rest of the season.

“Both teams played a great game,” Hugo’s Coach Gross said. “Quincy Shelton had several receptions and rushed for a touchdown, as well as an interception. Damarion Ramsey had a great catch in double coverage.”

Antlers’ Coach Beasley also weighed in: “Reece Crowsey played well on both sides of the ball.”

“Dashon Sims and Kory Mitchell both rushed and blocked extremely well,” Gross said. “The freshman quarterback Jakya Santillan continues to improve. LaMarcus Davis delivered a key block for the first touchdown of the night, and was a force on defense as always. The offensive line blocked well and gave us plenty of time. And defense played well against a Huge Antlers Bone Offense. The Buffs played great as a team. Coaches are extremely proud of their performance.”

Both teams will play host on Week 7; Hugo to the Heavener Wolves and the Bearcats to the Eufaula Ironheads.

Hugo’s La’Marcus Davis – Photo: La’Marcus Davis

Durant Lions vs. East Central Cardinals

The Lions had a handled victory over East Central, 37-12.

Payton’s Take: Though the Cardinals have not been as tough as their previous competition, I felt the Lions made great strides this week toward being improved in the postseason. Their players got some good reps, and it looked like they got some kinks worked out of their game, something that will benefit them in the future.

QB Jaylon Saxon played well, passing and rushing for productive yards. Xadavien Sims also made an impact on both sides of the ball. The offensive and defensive lines looked much more cohesive this week on the field. Looking ahead, I am hopeful that the Lions are successful in the second half of their season.

Durant will host the Coweta Tigers on Week 7 of play.

Durant vs. Rogers after Lions win 41-23

Idabel Warriors vs. Heavener Wolves

In this district matchup, Idabel kept their perfect season intact with a final score of 35-13.

Junior Matrail Lopez excelled on both sides of the ball. In addition to contributing significantly as a wide receiver and demonstrating exceptional quickness and tackling prowess all over the field, senior Quincy Johnson shined on defense. QB Waylon Phillips is always a force at his position, and it has showed throughout the season.

Payton’s Take: The Warriors are 5-0, remaining perfect on the season. This is a difficult feat to accomplish and gives me hope for Idabel during the postseason. I feel they are an overlooked team that could make a deep run in the playoffs if given the chance.

“It’s easy coaching kids like this, kids who want it, who want the win almost as bad as I do,” Idabel Coach Pratt said.

Trase Reesing and Waylon Phillips, Idabel Seniors – Photo: Shots by Taylor

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