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Though an unlikely figure in the preseason, the Idabel Warriors have made a name for themselves with an undefeated season heading into Week 8. With an impressive 6-0 record, the Warriors are making waves on the field and catching the attention of football enthusiasts across the state.

Led by Head Coach Scott Pratt, the Warriors have taken the field by storm with standout players such as Mackylan Dixon, Quincy Johnson and Matrail Lopez. Their remarkable performances are a significant factor in the team’s undefeated run.

Quincy Johnson – Idabel Warriors – Photo by Johnna Smith

Dixon shares his take on the team’s success: “Being undefeated is rare for the Warrior team and community. We plan on making the most of it.”

The Warriors have been excelling in various aspects of the game. Their stats reflect their dominance on the field:

Passing Game:

  • 52/94 completions
  • 740 passing yards
  • 8 passing touchdowns
  • An impressive QB rating of 84.4

Rushing Game:

  • 923 rushing yards
  • 12 rushing touchdowns
  • An average of 204.6 rushing yards per game

Receiving Game:

  • 727 receiving yards
  • 8 receiving touchdowns
  • An average of 164.2 receiving yards per game

In addition to their success on the field, the Warriors have excelled in defensive statistics with an impressive total of 6 interceptions, 25 tackles for loss and 9 sacks. This shows their resilience and ability to create turnovers, giving them a competitive edge.

Matrail Lopez – Idabel Warriors

Looking forward, the Warriors have their eyes set on the ultimate goal of winning the state championship. With their unbeaten record, they are positioning themselves as strong contenders in the postseason.

The performance of the entire team makes the Warriors a force to be reckoned with. They are proving that hard work, dedication and the will to defy the odds can lead to exceptional success on the football field.

As the season unfolds, all eyes are on the Idabel Warriors as they aim to continue their undefeated streak and make a significant impact on the high school football scene in Oklahoma.

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