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By Payton Moody

Keelie Treat, the starting pitcher for the Stuart Lady Hornets, is not only a formidable force on the mound but also a remarkable individual with her sights set on a bright future.

Treat’s journey through softball has been shaped by her favorite coach, Eddie Sanders. “He is always helping me with my hitting and pitching whenever I need it, and hyping me up and cheering for me,” she said. “He has helped me grow playing the game of softball and grow as a person.” 

In the world of softball, teamwork is paramount. Treat greatly admires her teammate, Paris Stanford, who has taken up the demanding role of catcher this season. “Without a catcher, there is no pitcher,” Treat acknowledges. “I admire her for stepping up to catch this year. She has helped me this season with being successful. She is a truly amazing teammate and friend as well.”

Beyond the softball diamond, Treat’s life has been touched by a special teacher, Mrs. Griffin. “She taught me how your family is always important and whatever you want in life to go for it,” Treat said. 

To excel in softball, off-season preparation is key. “Working on more solid contact with hitting and working out to get stronger for the game” are essential components of her regimen.

Softball has taught Treat invaluable life skills. “Softball has taught me great communication and leadership skills,” she said. “Teammates are your family, and working together to achieve a goal with others is crucial. Softball has helped me learn how to perform under pressure and so much more. Softball is truly an amazing sport.”

One of Treat’s cherished memories is hitting three home runs in a game at the Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. This season, her goals are equally ambitious. “My goals are to have a batting average over .500 and 350 strikeouts pitching,” she said. “A goal for my team is to win a state championship.”

Beyond high school, Keelie Treat’s path is clear. She plans to continue her softball journey in college, major in biology, and ultimately pursue a career as a dentist. 

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