Monday Morning Quarterback: 5 Takeaways From The Jenks Trojan Preview

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5 – Charles Page has a couple of nice players on offense and the defense is salty. Quarterback Easton Webb and running back Kenneth Page are two offensive threats the Sandites will likely lean on this season. Webb has a strong arm and excellent accuracy. Page, who seemed to be used in a somewhat limited capacity, is a big back who can run through people. Anyone expecting to just run over the Sandites are in for a rude awakening.


4 – Booker T. Washington lacks size, but they make up for it with their scrappiness. The Hornets played Jenks to a 7-16 scrimmage but earned some respect on the defensive line. For the Hornets to be a true contender this season the defense must carry this team until the offense gets in sync and playmakers start making their presence felt on offense. 


3 – Jenks has two quarterbacks capable of leading this team. Simian Gilkey and Owen Jones are both excellent players with the ability to lead the Trojan offense down the field. Gilkey seems to have an edge when it comes to running the ball, but both guys are well-liked, but guys are leaders, and both will be called on this season to help the Trojans win games. Pictured Simian Gilkey


2 – KD Jones was noticeably absent from the scrimmage. As his situation gets resolved (we’re hearing it’s a paperwork issue), Jenks was able to use several running backs during their time on the field. RB is a position Jenks is rich in this season. Guys like Landon Corwin at FB were contributing as well as freshman Semaj Stanford, who played both ways for Jenks. Another back making some noise was Dezmond Nash, a powerful sophomore who looked good in early scrimmages. 


1 – The Jenks defense is a problem for opponents. The defensive line was firing on all cylinders. Hoseah Kasalika was tough to stop upfront as well as Hudson Ball who made multiple tackles. Sam Stone was playing off the edge for most of the night and causing problems in the backfield. He also drops in coverage giving the Trojans another pass defender in the secondary. The return of Jett Calmus at linebacker is huge. Calmus is the cornerstone of the defense and looked fresh and fast. Jace Hager is another fast linebacker for the Trojans and was all over the field. Blake Bilby, Semaj Stanford, Ilias Cooper and others were making plays all night in the secondary. They’re not quit the Legion of Doom or the Dead-End Defense of 2013, but they are certainly on their way to claiming their own name. 

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