KNED’s Brandon Green and Broken Bow’s Chris Chandler weigh in on McAlester vs. Broken Bow – Week 0

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In a clash that left fans on the edge of their seats, the battle between the McAlester Buffaloes and the Broken Bow Savages unfolded with a series of unexpected twists and awe-inspiring plays. Brandon Green, the familiar voice of the McAlester Buffaloes on KNED Radio, and Chris Chandler, the voice of the Broken Bow Savages, recounted the electrifying showdown that played out on the gridiron.

The game kicked off in an unorthodox manner, with fumbles, blocked kicks, and resilient defensive stands characterizing the opening exchanges. Brandon Green painted the picture: “It was one of the strangest games you’ll ever see on a gridiron. It began with poor play by both teams in the first four drives… But despite the short field position… McAlester’s defense held Broken Bow scoreless in the first two drives.”

As the game progressed, the Buffaloes managed to string together a commanding scoring drive, culminating in a hard-fought touchdown run by Caden Lesnau. Green noted, “The plays all night of the McAlester defense was the highlight for McAlester. Offensively, I’d give it to the two scorers, Carter Lance and Ethan Watkins, but also Lance Stone.”

The second half erupted with intensity as McAlester’s unyielding defense forced a swift 3-and-out from the Savages. Chris Chandler observed, “Good defense from the Buffs, with Broken Bow sophomore Josh McDaniels at center against a line full of seniors, it was a huge struggle but McDaniels did well. Anthony Clay did great, effective at the pass rush and a scrambler. He made accurate throws and showed why he’s the starter.”

A pivotal moment arrived when Ethan Watkins showcased his explosive abilities with a stunning 54-yard touchdown run. Chandler praised Watkins, saying, “I was impressed with #10. He broke some tackles and it was off to the races.”

However, the game was not without its controversies. A critical 4th down conversion by McAlester was met with a heated debate about the spot of the ball, leading to a touchdown for Broken Bow. Green described the scene: “McAlester was driving and looked like they were about to go up 2 scores… they declared McAlester short. The very next play, a 61-yard TD pass to Kyran Whitfield tied up the game going into the 4th quarter.”

Throughout the game, the energy of the crowd resonated throughout the stadium, amplifying the intensity of the encounter. Green pointed out, “It was a packed house… That could have also gotten the blood flowing a little more in the first quarter, leading to too much adrenaline and not making plays offensively that they would normally make.”

Despite the contentious calls and dramatic swings, it was McAlester’s unrelenting determination that prevailed. The Buffaloes’ defense rose to the occasion in the game’s final moments, securing a hard-fought victory. Green summarized, “McAlester’s defense was lights out the rest of the way, and a Trenton Greer 36-yard field goal sealed the 23-13 win for McAlester with less than 2 minutes left in the game.”

Looking ahead, both teams are poised to learn and grow from this thrilling encounter. Green projected, “Week zero victories are always momentum builders. This game not only gives them momentum with a win, but it also gives them plenty of film on things they have to fix moving forward.” Chandler echoed this sentiment: “Tied at the end of 4th. I was impressed with Broken Bow’s defense, Whitfield was a playmaker: the pass catches by Whitfield were all over the field.”

In the end, the clash between the McAlester Buffaloes and the Broken Bow Savages transcended its scoreline, becoming a testament to the resilience, passion, and unpredictability that define the world of high-stakes high school football.

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