“In their own words…” – What did these players have to say after Week 6?

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After some highly anticipated competitions across Oklahoma in Week 6, let’s get the firsthand take from some of these players.

Jenks at Norman North

Jenks had handled win over Norman North, 42-14.

Jenks players:

Jett Calmus – “We played really well as a team all four quarters. We had a great week of preparation for the game coming up and put it to good use. I am proud of the way we performed and the way we played as a unit.” 

Ilias Cooper – “I think the game went great both ways. First time I can say we played a full four quarters as a team. I know if we play like that every game, we’re the best team in the state. We just have to beat our biggest opponent: inconsistency.”

Norman North players:

Zain Prater – “We played a bad game and North beat North.”

Edmond Santa Fe at Mustang

Mustang had a close loss to Edmond Santa Fe, 56-49.

Mustang players:

Jaden Johnson – “The game was a roller coaster of emotions. We were down 21 and came back twice. Our team never gave up and kept fighting through adversity.”

Jaytee Johnson – “I’m proud to see my guys battle through adversity. We proved that the Mustang Broncos will make every opponent earn everything they get against us.”

Guthrie at Bishop McGuinness

Guthrie had a decisive shutout win over the Irish, 20-0

Guthrie players:

Hayden Calvert – “We started off hot on the offensive side of the ball but after we scored the first time, every drive after that we seemed to just stall out. We have to be better passing the ball and finishing drives. Defense stepped up big time giving us multiple opportunities to score and we finally took advantage of those at the end and punched two in.”

Jaylen Harper – “It was a slow start for the offense but we started piecing it together in the 4th quarter. I had too many turn overs in the game but that’s something I can learn from and get better moving on into the next game. The defense had my back and we got the win; that’s the only thing that matters.”

Kyran Axtell – “After our early touchdown, it was a defensive battle. We knew it was gonna come down to whoever’s defense backed down first and we knew it wasn’t gonna be us.”

Coweta at McAlester

In this close contest, the Tigers bested the Buffs, 28-27.

Coweta players:

Deacon Peterson – “Going into the game, we all knew it was gonna be a fight for 48 minutes after last year’s game. Our offense stepped it up and played great while our defense started off rough but we figured it out. We played like a team and finished strong.”

Brock Hielman – “It was a battle. It took what it took to win and I’m proud of all my teammates for fighting all 48 minutes.”

Eain Williams – “It was a dog fight. We knew going into the game that McAlester had a bullseye on us from last year, and we showed up together as a team and played like a team from start to finish.”

Coweta Tigers pose after 28-27 victory over McAlester – 10/6/2023 – Photo: Deacon Peterson

McAlester players:

Zac Rogers – “We had great practice all week and saw everyone and everything they threw at us. I feel we executed poorly as a team in most aspects of the second half, and that really gave up that cushion that we built up in the first half. We had too many maladaptive brain activity changes in the 4th quarter.”

Caden Lesnau – “We had great practices all week and Coweta didn’t run anything we have not seen, we just didn’t finish and execute the way we should have. All we can do is move on and learn from it. We need work on the little details we didn’t execute on and carry it into next week.”

Owen Russell – “We had a great game plan and we had seen everything that they showed but we just didn’t execute like how we should’ve. We gotta fix the little mistakes and get our heads right going into next week and carry it out through the rest of the season.”

Eli Pemberton – “It’s the small things: reading your keys, wrapping up when tacking, sustaining block, etc. When you don’t do the small things, it can change the outcome of how a play goes, which can change the outcome of a game. I feel like we didn’t finish plays until the very last whistle. We have to fix that and execute better because they didn’t do anything we didn’t see in practice and we had a good game plan. This is pivotal moment for our team to work out mistakes and learn from them but not dwell on them. Our goal is still obtainable.”

Newcastle at Bridge Creek

Newcastle had a hefty victory over Bridge Creek, 40-3.

Newcastle players:

Taj Smith – “Losing is never fun but winning is. That’s why we put in a good game plan and had a good week of practice. The season isn’t over yet though, we have to work week to week to get better. We have to treat each week as if it’s the last to be the best we can be come post-season.”

Aden Shumard – “The game against Bridge Creek this Friday followed our first loss of the season. It’s always tough coming back after a loss, but our team put in a great week of practice and won the game 40-3.”

Bridge Creek players:

Caden Morrow – “It was a hard hitting game. I am proud of my team for their effort and they didn’t give up.”

John Marshall at Shawnee

Shawnee bested John Marshall on Friday, 37-0.

John Marshall players:

James Allen – “We had a lot of unfortunate errors and mistakes through the game that lead us to an unpleasing loss. But as a team, we try not to let that define us and are preparing to come back strong and prepared mentally and physically for our next opponent.”

Dondric Williams – “I feel last night’s game was a very unexpected loss knowing we played and beat this opponent just a year ago. Truthfully, there were just too many mistakes to come back from. There were busted coverages on defense and there were a few fumbles on offense. After the consecutive mistakes back to back, we just started to beat ourselves mentally before the game was actually over. That’s something that can’t happen and needs to be fixed so we are stronger as a team for our future opponents.”

Tuttle at Blanchard

In this battle of #3 vs #4, Blanchard came out on top, 20-6.

Tuttle players:

Major Sharp – “I think the defense stepped up big against such a high powered offense that Blanchard has. The offense will only get better as the year goes on.”

Ramsey Judkins – “It was good, just some missed opportunities from our team. We will get better and improve throughout the season. I really do believe I did everything I could to win this game but it wasn’t enough.”

Beck Vargas – “No matter who we play, each one of us gives it our all. This game was no different. We could point the finger but that’s not the Tuttle way. You can’t always control what happens on the field but you can control how you respond to it. We will learn from our mistakes and be better for it. Look, this is Tuttle, we have built a winning culture here. We are standing on the shoulders of those before us and we understand the assignment. It’s much bigger than us. This team is mentally tough. We are fighters. We always bounce back and this week is no different.

Blanchard players:

Brayson Carter – “I think we didn’t play as well as we wanted to. Our offense wasn’t the best, but our defense came through when we needed them. Everyone flying to the football, we have a good shot at making a run in the playoffs. If we can get the offense going, we will be nearly unstoppable.”

Cole Watkins – “We didn’t execute on offense like we wanted but our defense came through when we needed it most. Overall, an exciting game and looking forward to the playoffs.”

Weatherford at Clinton

In a Western OK matchup, the Red Tornadoes defeated Weatherford, 17-0.

Clinton players:

Layden Fuller – “Grit shows all.”

Cooper Sulley – “We were tougher.”

Zaedon Collins – “I do my talking with my pads.”

Kyntavion Hill – “When you start talking about my QB, it gets personal. The ‘Custer County Conflict’ is a big deal around here. After the loss last year, we were out for revenge. In fact, we completely switched up our defense for this game specifically. Coaches put me on 88 CJ, and I feel like our defense was top-tier this game. After the game, the legendary Coach Lee came up to me and gave me some kind words and a pat on the back and that meant a lot.”

Coach Lee congratulates Kyntavion Hill after Clinton’s victory over Weatherford.

Lincoln Christian at Checotah

Checotah was bested by the LC Bulldogs, 54-20.

Checotah players:

Elijah Thomas – “The game against Lincoln was more of a learning experience than a loss.”

Jacob Jones – “Let it be a lesson.”

Kaden Mitchell – “I think the game against Lincoln was an opportunity to see what we are really made of.”

North Rock Creek at Mount St. Mary

North Rock Creek had the victory over Mount St. Mary, 46-20.

North Rock Creek players:

Andrew Ritter – “Well, everyone knew what they had to do to take care of business. When everyone did their jobs and were focused after a great week of practice, we were confident that we were going to win.”

Mount St. Mary players:

Joe Krug – “We’re going to battle with a lot of young guys, we will rally for the final four game stretch of our season and fight for a playoff berth.”

John Allison – “If we cut down on our mistakes as a team, we will have a great chance at a playoff push.”

Kansas at Beggs

Kansas was victorious over Beggs on Friday, 37-20.

Kansas players:

Seneca Steele – “We knew coming in we needed to be disciplined on defense and stay physical, and I thought we did it well. Offensively, we protected the ball and did our thing.”

Zack Adams – “We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy win, but as long as we stayed disciplined, stuck to our plan and did what our coaches taught us, then we would come out with the win.”

Kaleb Jobe – “We played a great game against Beggs this last Friday night. Going into the game, our mentality was to stop their two best guys on the field, and I believe our defense did a great job doing that. Our defense held them to only 68 yards rushing while our offense was making seven minute drives down the field. I’m super proud to be on this team and lucky to have this awesome coaching staff.”

Beggs players:

Billy Ramsey – “It was a tough loss and it stung, but I think if we stay together, we can come out and dominate these next couple of games and make playoffs. We’re a young team and we’re hungry.”

Warner at Henryetta

The Henryetta Knights bested the Warner Eagles, 43-8.

Warner players:

Ty Vinson – “It was a tough loss, but we played tough for most of the first half. After that, I think our depth issues caught up with us quite a bit. We are fighting a lot of injuries right now in key places. However, we are using it as a great opportunity to fight hard in some games while getting some guys ready for the future with some quality in-game experience.”

Dee Antwine – “It was a tough loss, but I feel we could do way better than what we showed. We just need to get everybody healthy and back on the field. We let our thoughts get to us and we need to stay mentally focused on the game. We beat ourselves with jumping offsides and tiny mistakes, but it was a great effort and we all played with our whole heart. Just got to keep the same energy in every quarter that we have in the first half.”

Lubbock Drake – “I feel as though we battled. We didn’t come out on top but it did point out what the team needs to work on. We have to be more disciplined and we have to get myself and my teammates healthy. I was not able to play due to injuries but it allowed us to see players work in positions they are not used to playing. The guys fought hard and we had players step up in a game some of us couldn’t play in. We will use the loss to improve and prepare for the next game.”

Kingston at Davis

In this close game, Kingston outscored Davis 24-21.

Kingston players:

Parks Ratzlaff – “The game was a great win to keep us undefeated in district. We came in to the game knowing we had to set the tone and jump on them early and not let them get going and that’s what we did our defense played really good and our offense is starting to get into a rhythm.”

Logan Stephens – “We went into the game knowing it was going to be a battle. We knew that they were a good team, but I think they underestimated us. We played extremely hard all night and we’re excited to be able to walk away with a victory.”

Reid Patterson – “We were very fortunate to come away with a win. It was a hard fought battle by both teams. We look forward to the challenges ahead and hope to carry this momentum into the remainder of the district schedule.”

Dibble at Elmore City-Pernell

Dibble had a decisive win over Elmore City-Pernell, 50-0.

Dibble players:

Jag Norman – “After coming off of a big win last week, we came into this week knowing that this was another must win for us.”

Hudson Long – “After beating a powerhouse like Ringling, we are taking it week by week and we aren’t letting up.”

Elmore City-Pernell players:

Caleby Lauderdale – “Offensively, we just struggled to find a hole and move the ball. Defensively, I think we need to work on getting our pads down and wrapping up. Plenty of football left to work on it. We plan on getting everything fixed and putting this behind us.”

Dawson Milligan – “On defense, we struggled to wrap up and hit low. Offensively, we fought to move the chains. We have some things we need to work on offensively and defensively.”

Rush Springs at Wayne

Rushing Springs was victorious over Wayne on Friday, 27-8.

Wayne players:

Jaxon Dill – “We just needed to be more focused and offense needs to get better. We need to fix things on defense.”

Regent Prep at Drumright

Drumright was able to secure the W in this close game, 32-27.

Drumright players:

Kevin Gooch – “Regent is a great team with a lot of great players, but we knew if we stood strong in times of adversity, the red team would be celebrating. Friday night’s game was a direct reflection of our strong and supportive community. We owed it to the community that held our team and student body together this week to give them something to celebrate during this tragedy.”

Bryson Kelley – “After the tragic week our town experienced, our team came together and we knew we would do anything we could to get the win. I would also like to thank my coaches, teammates and our town for all of their support.”

Watts at Coyle

Coyle was successful this past Friday against Watts, 36-18.

Coyle players:

Alex Jennings – “I am really happy with how far we’ve come. We have a lot to fix so it shows us how far we can go if we want it bad enough.”

John Tarbox – “I would say we are getting better week by week and have a lot to improve on, but we’re gonna keep working and see where it takes us.”

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