Grand Lake Area Players to Watch

Last Updated: August 14, 20232.2 min read

The VYPE+ editorial team will begin releasing its top 150 football players in Oklahoma starting Aug. 17.

The Grand Lake Area football produce high caliber players year in and year out. Here is a closer look at some Under-the-Radar players to watch in the area.


Luke Black – SR.

Luke is a powerful runner that goes through anything standing in his way. He had over 1,000 yards rushing last season, and will likely repeat the feat this year. Once he has the ball in his hands, good luck stopping him.


Jackson Gain – JR.

Jackson will be the starting QB next fall for Grove. He is able to evade tackles with his scrambling and agility skills and he is also a very good passer. He is a gifted athlete that also excels in basketball and baseball. With his mixture of hard work, dedication, and natural talent, he will make his presence felt on the playing field.


Lane Collins – SR.

Lane is a tough, physical kid who is the best defensive player and skill blocker for Ketchum. He will be entering his senior year and is looking to help bring his team success in every way he can. If he gets going, it will mean very good things for Ketchum football.


Zane Stand- SR.

Zane is a problem for opposing teams on both sides of the ball. In 2022, as a junior, he had over 1,000 yards receiving and produced 15 touchdowns. On the defensive side, he was responsible for 64 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 17 pass breakups. Zane has a great sense for the game of football and he uses it to dominate.


JJ Miller- SR.

JJ is a weapon for Afton offensively and defensively. When he isn’t catching touchdowns, he’s making big stops on defense at his linebacker position. Using his intelligence and physicality, JJ will end his high school career with a bang.


Kolten Hicks- SR.

Kolten is the key for success for Bluejacket. He leads the team in every statistical category, both offensively and defensively. He is a threat to score every time he touches the ball, and on defense he makes game winning stops. When he is in his zone, he is the most valuable player on the field.


Mason Clinton- JR.

Mason is a leader on both sides of the football. He has a 6th sense that allows him to break down defenses at the QB position. That 6th sense also pays off on defense where he watches the play unfold before the ball is snapped. He will be a true game changer for Welch.

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