Grading VYPE’s Preseason Rankings, How Did We Do?

Last Updated: November 2, 20232.4 min read

Every preseason, VYPE Magazine will rank every team in the state in the Pigskin Preview. It’s a process the readers know little about.

What I can tell you is every team is looked over and based on what we know from the coaches, each team is ranked in their district and a Top 10 is given for each class. So, I thought we would get in the Delorian and travel back to when these rankings were first complete…June 2023. Yep, something else you didn’t know. These rankings are made in JUNE! I’ve randomly selected some teams to discuss and I will grade each rankings based on the A-F system we all know and love.

Laverne – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – A+

Now before you start telling me this was an easy one…you’re right it was. However, VYPE also picked Laverne as the No.1 team in Class B, meaning they should go all the way. We shall see.

Ringwood – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – D

We picked Ringwood to finish 2nd in district, but unfortunately for the Red Devils, their season comes to an end at either 3-8 or 4-7 with their final game Friday night against Cherokee.

Woodward – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – A+

Nailed it. But we’re not bragging. The world is a better place when Woodward has a good football team. VYPE picked them to finish 7th in district and that’s exactly where they currently sit.

Kingfisher – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – C+

The Yellowjackets just a game or two behind their preseason ranking of finishing 3rd in district. Currently they are fifth, but play Anadarko in the final game and could improve to 4-4.

Enid – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – B-

Enid is in a tough spot, but they have found ways to win. They currently sit 6th and VYPE picked them 7th. There were a lot of positives this season for the Plainsmen.

Hooker – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – A+

This one is on the money in a couple of ways. VYPE ranked Hooker No. 2 in A-1 with Fairview at the top. VYPE got both of those correct. The one they missed on was Sayre. At 3-5-1, Sayre is 5th in district, VYPE had them picked last.

Waynoka – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – C

The VYPE folks loved Waynoka to win district. The Railroaders are likely going to finish 3rd being Timberlake and Tyrone. FYI – Tyrone is 2nd and VYPE picked them t0 finish 7th. VYPE’s grade on Tyrone is an F!

Alva – VYPE’s Ranking Grade – A+

The question was, did they have enough to get into the playoffs? Preseason they were ranked 5th in 2A-1, which is where they currently sit. They face Perry in the final game and a win over Perry would mean a ton to this program.


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