Bristow’s Dansby Tops North’s DB List

Last Updated: August 24, 20230.5 min read

Introducing the VYPE Plus Top 5 North area defensive backs. These are the 5 best DBs coming into the 2023 season. Who grabs the No. 1 spot? Who is on the outside looking in? Let us know your order by commenting below. 

Top 5 DBs in the North Area 

5 John Hilligoss – Cushing 

4 Trey Bennett – Woodland 

3 Dohtanian “Tan” Booth – Stillwater 

2 Xavion Parker – Ponca City 

1 Darien Dansby – Bristow 

Outside Looking In: 

Brendan Swaboda – Morrison 

Ethan McAllister – Pawnee 

Andrew Kukuk – Perry 

Cutter Greene – Perkins-Tryon 

Javen Lindsey – Cleveland

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