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VYPE Plus Subscriber – Coach Willie – Where will OU finish in the rankings this year and who will be their starting QB at the end of the season?


Bryce McKinnis – OKC – Give me Oklahoma finishing 11th after upsetting Texas next month in Dallas but give me an Oklahoma team who fumbles a random conference game to Kansas in Lawrence or the last Bedlam in Stillwater. They lose a rematch with the Longhorns in the Big 12 title game. 

Sooners fans are salivating to see Jackson Arnold‘s 5-star arm slinging the ball to Oklahoma’s starting receiving corps, and rightfully so. He’s absurdly talented. But there’s no better quarterback for your team than the quarterback who knows and executes the greater system. You play your hand with Dillon Gabriel until the wheels fall off. He’s a good ball-player and only appears to be getting better. Arnold is the quarterback of the future — DG is the quarterback of today.


Brad Heath – TULSA – OU is not a top 10 team, but they are obviously good enough to finish in the 11-15 range. Probably closer to 15. They will not beat Texas. Overall record, 9-3. I don’t like the games against UCF or Cincinnati. Everyone will look at the Kansas and TCU games, but Cincinnati has the potential to be a real challenge.

As for the QB question, I think Dillon Gabriel is the guy. He may have a game where the coaching staff questions the decision to keep him in, but unless there is an injury, I think he is the guy they run with this season over Jackson Arnold. The Sooner Nation loves seeing Arnold on those goal line plays, look for the Sooners to find opportunities to work him into the gameplan. 


Chance Burk – NEOK/Grand Lake Area – I believe that Oklahoma will finish with a record of 10-2 in the regular season with Dillon Gabriel remaining the starter for the entirety of the season. I believe they will be ranked anywhere from 15 to 22 at the end of the season and will win their bowl game. Overall, this season will be a much-needed comeback from last year’s 6-7 finish.  


Chris Cox – Shawnee Area – OU will finish #13 in the rankings at 11-3. They’ll be second in the Big 12 behind Texasand make a New Year’s Six bowl. Their starting quarterback at the end of the year will be Dillon Gabriel, although Jackson Arnold could start the bowl game since Gabriel will be going to the NFL. Overall, it’ll be a nice year for OU as the young talented players get plenty of experience before the jump to the SEC next year.


Payton Moody – McAlester Area – If OU wins out, I feel that they have a great chance to be ranked in the Top 10, maybe higher. Some teams ranked above OU aren’t as good and as the season progresses, the pretenders will show themselves. If Dillon Gabriel stays healthy, I believe he will remain the starter over Jackson Arnold. Arnold is a great quarterback with speed, but he’s young and his pass decisions aren’t at the level of Gabriel’s.


Aaron Kauk – Elk City Area – The Oklahoma Sooners completed the non-conference schedule 3-0, but there are still questions about just how good this team can be by the end of the season. The Sooners are currently 16th in the AP poll and 14th according to the Coaches Poll as conference play begins. So, what is this team’s future? I can’t see the season taking the horrible turn it took a year ago. This team looks different than Brent Venables‘ first squad that finished with a losing record for the first time since 1998. There are three main reasons I don’t see another losing season. Number 1 and probably the most important factor is the schedule. OU gets 3 of the 4 new additions to the conference in their last year in the conference. UCFCincinnati, and BYU replace BaylorTexas Tech, and Kansas State. My second reason is improved defensive depth with a second year in the Venables system. Oklahoma’s defense is playing faster and not thinking nearly as much as we saw a year ago. The third reason is improved QB depth that opens Jeff Lebby‘s playbook. OU has a capable backup in true freshman Jackson Arnoldthat didn’t exist last season. How much difference will these 3 improvements make in the grand scheme of things? I think a bunch. Oklahoma finishes the season 10-2 and #12 nationally. Barring injury Dillon Gabriel is QB1 this season with Arnold waiting in the wings. The playoffs are probably a bridge too far for this version of the Sooners. A consolation prize could be a Cotton Bowl berth hopefully against another team that comes up just shy of the playoffs. That team? Lincoln Riley and the USC Trojans.


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