9 Qs with Edmond Santa Fe running back Demarius Robinson

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Last Updated: October 18, 20232 min read

VYPE: How would you compare yourself as a player now to one year ago?

Demarius Robinson: Last year I battled a very serious injury and still tried to push through some games. This year I am stronger, faster, and most of all healthy!

VYPE: You have over 1,500 rushing yards with three games left in the regular season. Did you expect to be playing this well?

DR: Yes. I wanted to be better than my freshman and sophomore year combined. It is important to me to be the BEST.

VYPE: What were some of the things you focused on in your offseason training, and can you feel that work paying off now?

DR: Weight room and speed/conditioning was high on the focus list. Getting stronger was priority as I took a lot of time off to recover. Being explosive is a big part of my game, so the speed had to be fine tuned.

VYPE: What age did you start playing football, and how were you first introduced to the sport?

DR: I started playing football at the age of 7. My parents first put me in basketball but I was way too aggressive. So they signed me up for football.

VYPE: When did you realize you wanted to become a college football player?

DR: When I was sixth grade playing club football is when I started taking it serious. Everything from eating right, having my grades top tier, and working out on a daily basis.

VYPE: How did your injury change you as a player? What did you learn?

DR: It didn’t change me at all. I still have the same mindset which is to go out and be the BEST! I did learn that stretching and constant care of my body is important.

VYPE: After you graduate, how do you hope your teammates and coaches remember you?

DR: A hardworking player and leader. A passionate guy who left it all on the field night after night.

VYPE: What do you want to accomplish as an individual and as a team before you leave Santa Fe High School?

DR: As an individual I want to break school records and leave my mark. I would love for the team to make it to a State Championship game for sure!

VYPE: Who’s your celebrity crush?

DR: Nia long.

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