5 Reasons Why Claremore Will Beat Hilldale

Last Updated: September 11, 20231 min read

The Claremore Zebras and the Hilldale Hornets will both come into Friday night undefeated. The game will be held on September 15th at Hilldale High School. These are my “Chance’s Calculations” on the matchup.

1. The first reason that Claremore will defeat Hilldale is the fact that Hilldale graduated over 10 seniors from last years team, nearly all starters.

2. The second reason why Claremore will come out victorious is the experience of their team. Hilldale has multiple underclassmen playing vital positions on the field, while Claremore is filled mostly with upperclassmen.

3. The third reason why Claremore has the upper hand is that they do not let home field advantage play a role in the outcome of the game. The Zebras are already 2-0 on the road this season, and were above .500 last year on the road.

4. The fourth reason why Claremore will give Hilldale their first loss is the outcome of last seasons matchup. On September 16th of last year, the Zebras defeated the Hornets 27-10.

5. The final reason why Claremore will remain undefeated is their impressive offense. Over the span of three games this season, the Claremore offense is averaging 51.3 points per game.

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